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01. Why Seo


advertising methods for your business

As a business owner, it may be challenging at times remaining current with all the different advertising strategies available to us both on and offline. Yet, we know the importance of getting ourselves ‘out there’ in an attempt to drum up some business. Most business owners, these days, understand that the ways in which we market our services to our potential customers are very different to the ways we did as little as 10 years ago.

One of the most highly regarded methods of advertising is through search engines - putting your website in front of the very people searching for a business in your exact industry. Many people throughout the business world discuss these methods of advertising as it has been proven time and time again to work.

the benefits of search engine optimization

Search engine optimisation is the term attributed to tactics and strategies used to help promote businesses’ goods and services through search engines. The beauty of SEO is that you are presenting your website only to those who you know are looking for a company that operates in your industry.

This is where we can help. SEO Edinburgh is a SEO agency, and we serve clients right across the UK. We were established in 2016 and it has been our mission, since our foundation, to add value to the business we work with - where maximizing the return on investment is at the heart of everything we do.


02. Why you should choose our SEO agency

We are staying ahead of the game

We keep a close eye on any changes in Google algorithm and optimise your website accordingly, making sure you will outperfm your competition.


Competitive Prices

We keep a close eye on any changes in Google algorithm and optimise your website accordingly, making sure you will outperfm your competition.


Reputable Agency

We have helped many businesses target more of their customers online through the use of our SEO services. Many of our clients use our services for multiple projects and will always recommend us to other business contacts.


First Class Services

Aside from delivering results, we are also known for providing a premium service. We are always available to speak and regularly provide feedback to our clients through monthly campaign progress reports.


03. Our SEO Process

1. Website Audit

1. Website Audit

Subjecting your website to regular site audits allows for factors like page speed and keyword density within content to be maintained to a particular standard. Regular audits ensures that the site is as optimised as much as possible at all times. With competition being fierce, it is of utmost importance that these factors have attention paid to them. Vecro Tech will provide ongoing check ups and audits to your site so you can rest assured all the website’s basic technical stuff is being taken care of. We regularly give feedback from the audit to the client as well so they can be kept involved in the process.

2. Competitive Analysis

2. Competitive Analysis

By ensuring that you are always informed as to what your competition is doing allows you to stay one step ahead. Marketplaces evolve - as do the ways in which people search for particular industries. Therefore, the tactics and strategies we use to rank your website will inevitably change somewhat too. Vecro Tech will always aim to keep you one step ahead of your competitors by regularly analysing your marketplace.

3. Keyword research

3. Keyword research

People tend to use the same or similar keywords or phrases when it comes to locating a certain business that they need to help them solve a problem. The phrases themselves, as well as the volumes by which they are searched is all recorded and accessible.Vecro Tech will scour the search engines to find all the variations of keywords people are searching for and determine, with you, which ones are most relevant. Then through careful content creation, we implement these keywords with the correct frequency and density. This allows the search engines to easily identify which keywords you wish to associate your website with.

4. Content creation

4. Content creation

Content matters a lot, regardless of which business you are in. If someone is going to trust you to carry out a job to a satisfactory standard in return for their money, you need to ensure that you sound knowledgeable in the industry you serve. Making sure that your content is interesting, informative and original is the key to executing successful informational products that can be read by your potential customers. In our experience, a lot of business owners frankly do not have the time to sit and think about everything the wish to include in their content. Not to mention, all the ways in which the content needs to optimised in order to be recognised favourably by the search engine. Vecro Tech can assist you with your content writing requirements. With connections to content writers in almost every industry, you can be sure that your content will be technically accurate, thoroughly researched and interesting to read. We also make sure that all the technical requirements of the content are met so they are search engine friendly.

5. Link Building

5. Link Building

Link building is the cornerstone of effective SEO. It is the process of acquiring hyperlinks pointing towards your website from an external one. Receiving backlinks from external sources who are credible and, of course, relevant to your industry is key to a successful campaign. Each backlink can be thought of as a submission of confidence to the search engine that you are credible and reliable. The more good quality backlinks you can build, the higher you will appear in searches. Building a portfolio of good quality backlinks can be troublesome as there are many bad quality links out there. Vecro Tech knows exactly how to target the best possible links and we never ever build link portfolios with bad or spammy links.